T-419 days 9/24/12 MRI day


Julie picks me up and we drive to St. Joe’s.  I’ve been there a lot lately.  I suppose I should get used to it, this is my new reality.  On our way I take my morphine…that was fun.  They poke me again–my veins are beginning to get angry.  This time, to put in a dye to run through me during the MRI.  They put me in the “shuttle”–I lay stomach down with my face on a cushion.  Almost as if I was going to get a massage.  I close my eyes and pretend that is exactly what is going to happen.  Except this massage room is playing music of a drill hitting rock.  There I laid for 30 minutes at least–the noise is unbearable.  Can’t they figure out a way to play music to drown out the sound? Even elevator music would be better.

I’m all done.  I want to break through the tech;s room and ask them what they saw.  Did it look ok?  Do they see more cancer?  I can’t stand this not knowing.  The waiting–time to wait some more.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.


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