T-421 days-9/22/12-How do I feel normal again?


Soccer games, birthday parties, laundry etc..  Life activities don’t stop just because you have cancer.  Although, it feels like it should.  Today I feel better, because at least now I have a plan.  BUT, chemo?!?!  I hoped beyond hope that I could just have surgery and radiation, like my mom did.  Chemo makes me very nervous.  More then everything else.  I am feverishly doing research to figure out how I can avoid it; because I know more then the doctors, right?  Alethea, has a friend who works for the company who makes Herceptin.  She tells us about TD-M1, this new drug that works on HER2 positive cells and without the negative effects of chemotherapy.  I do everything to find out how I can use this TD_M1–then I hit the roadblock when I find out that the FDA has not yet approved it.  So the glimmer of hope that I had to not do chemo is over.

Today is Gabriella’s bday party.  Thank goodness, my dear friend Michelle made cupcakes and frosting for this.  I didn’t have any energy for more baking-baked out.  Kathy comes over and we open up a bottle of wine and begin the “Cupcake War” themed party.  These 3 little girls have a future in baking. I really was impressed.  Tonight, I actually had 5 minutes go by where I didn’t think about cancer–refreshing.


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