T-416 days 9/27/12 Women’s Intuition


On August 31st–Friday at 5:00; There I sat in the women’s health care center waiting room joyfully texting my friends funny pinterest pictures. We joked that it was mammogram happy hour.  Who gets mammograms at 5:00 on a Friday?  If one does, they should offer a glass of wine or a hot totty.  I even took a vicodine (saved from previous procedures) just so I didn’t have to feel the pure joy of my breasts being squished into pancakes between two plates.  There the day came and went.

Wednesday, September 5th.  I get a phone call from the hospital.  They need me to go back for more pictures.

Friday, September 7th.  I go back for my second mammogram.  The women says that the radiologist wants to see me.  I saw it in his eyes.  He knew I had cancer–I could tell.  That’s when I knew.   I didn’t want to believe it and it wasn’t official but I knew. That night laying in bed I cried, I shook, I almost hyperventilated.

Friday September 14th–Biopsy

They all knew too. The biopsy surgeon, the nurses, the techs.  I could see it in all their eyes.  I think when you do this enough you know what cancer looks like.  I saw the picture of my biopsy–it didn’t look good.  It looked like a bent worm, not like a healthy cell.  Then the waiting for the call where time stood  still.  The day I officially found out what I already knew.


After my MRI they called me back for an Ultrasound on my right breast–the good one.  I went with my mom and I was nervous.  The tech looked for a long time–when she left the room to get the radiologist tears just started pouring down my face.  I prayed to God and told him that I couldn’t handle any more bad news.  The radiologist walked in and said “How are you?” At first I answered good.  Then, I told her actually I’m not good, I’m about ready to have a breakdown.  She then looked and looked and pressed on my right breast while I had tears running down my face.  Finally, she said what I was hoping to hear; this all looks like normal tissue.  I cried again, but this time tears of relief and happiness.


About cancerchica

I am a mother of 2 kids, Gabriella 10 and Michael 8. I teach second grade. I am engaged to Travis whom also has 2 kids; Connor and Spencer. President of the Junior League of Ann Arbor Diagnosed with Breast Cancer on September 18, 2012 Tumor 1.3 cm ER+ & PR +, Her2+ Stage 1c Lumpectomy on October 17th, 2012 Lymph nodes - and margins clear TCH chemotherapy regimen began on Nov. 18th, 2012 Head shaving party on November 19, 2012

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