T-375 days-November 7, 2012-Cancer Support Center, Time to Focus on My Kids


photo (7)


Minutes, Hours and Days had passed and throughout that time I came to slowly accept my fate of chemotherapy.  In the mail I had received my 6 months worth of oncology appointments.  As my eyes scanned the dates, the words, the times I knew that this chemotherapy was going to be a much more arduous and grueling journey then my surgery.  With diligence and care I entered each date into my phone and watched how my life was being consumed with doctors appointments.  Each date entered was another step closer to the acceptance of the journey ahead.

With this new found acceptance I poured all of my energy into my kids and their adjustment to this metamorphosis that I was about to begin.  I had learned of the Cancer Support Center from my Nurse Angels.  An amazing facility that offers many types of activities and seminars for people with cancer.  I took my kids to the Family Support time.  We entered a bit nervous and anxious.  We had dinner and I was delighted with how my kids were incredibly open and comfortable.   We separated into groups after dinner.  The kids went and completed their own activities and the adults had time alone for talking.  At the end we came together to complete a family activity.  During the kids time they created their own individual wish boxes and as a family we created our own family wish box.  ImageWe cut out pictures from magazines and used stickers to decorate the box that were symbols or traditions of our family.  The most touching moment was when we found words in the magazine to put into the box.  Words like bunny, pictures of baking, words that say happy.  The two clippings that brought tears to my eyes were a picture of a mom and a daughter hugging that says “imagine a life without breast cancer” and lastly “With God All Things Are Possible”  photo (6)As we shared our box clippings with the rest of the group Michael said that he hopes everyone gets better from cancer.   In my kids faces I saw courage and resilience. Their beautiful little faces reminded me that there would be times that I could draw strength even from them.


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