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T-231-March 1st, 2013-Awesome Stuff about Chemo!!!


Awesome pros to chemo:
1. No leg shaving. My legs look great with no work and no shaving nicks–chemo is instant nair!!
2. No armpit shaving
3. Save money on haircuts–money you will use on falsies!!
4. Have to get manicures and pedicures to cover your black nails-What color you like?
5. Everyday is Halloween when you wear your wigs
6. No bikini waxing, eyebrow waxing, or upper lip,,,,,keep that hot wax Away, I’ve got TCH!!


T-373 days-The Wig Has Arrived-November 9, 2012


ImageImageThe day had come.  The day that my “new hair” had arrived.  I anxiously drove to the wig shop with thoughts of Lady Gaga, Madonna and all other proud Wig Wearing Women.  As I sat in the “fitting chair” at Feke Wigs, I felt  like a child on Christmas morning. I waited with breathless anticipation for the great reveal.   Ta-da!  There it was, MY new hair……long and luxurious.  She put it on my head and it fit like a glove.  Perfection! As she continued to talk to me about how to brush my wig, wash my wig, care for my wig my thoughts wandered…..who was this person in the reflection? Like an actor playing a part I felt like a different person.  A vixen with a long lioness mane, sexier, younger…..Me but not me.    I still had my own hair which is thin and short in contrast to the thick luxurious locks I had just acquired, otherwise known as the $600 “la fancy wig”.  I walked out of the store trying to manage my long tendrils blowing in the wind, getting stuck in my coat, getting stuck to my face…by the time I arrived to my car the wig was pulled off my head and placed on my passenger seat.  This was just the beginning of my love/hate relationship with “la fancy” wig.

T-393 days–October 20, 2012 Wig Shopping & Goodbyes


Wigs (Photo credit: modhousewife)

I am surprised at how quickly I seem to be recovering from surgery.  My arms are still sore to lift at times.  My port in particular seems to be the most tender.  Alethea, Gabriella, Isla and my mom are all headed out for wig shopping today.  Heading to a place that was recommended by a couple of women who have been through this.  It was a small shop and although the shop owner herself has never had cancer she obviously loves wigs.  She wears one all of the time. 

So we begin trying some on; we quickly find a favorite–the long brunette.  I ask her how much it is and she says $600.  $600!!! I can’t believe I am about to spend that amount of money on fake hair.  It almost seems like highway robbery.  The wig shop owner goes onto explain how the wig will only last me for 6 months or so and that I will definitely need another one before my wedding in June.  I nod my head as if I agree with her but I am thinking to myself is she nuts?!?  I am NOT going to spend another $600 on another wig.  This will be the wig that is only worn on special occasions, sorta like the church coat or the fancy dress.  I will wear it if I am going out on the town, that’s it; otherwise you will be seeing me in a hat… Lucy at the deli counter or Bill at the pharmacy….no wig for you folks. 

Gabriella, Alethea and Mom all give me their nod of approval for the wig.  They like it.  I sorta feel like a vixen in it.  My hair has never been this full and luxurious. We talk color, we talk length, we talk about how to take care of the wig….then it is time to pay.  I know that insurance company will not cover the wig or what they term as a “cranial prosthesis”.  They deem it medically unnecessary.  So I swallow the hard pill, pay the money and place the order.  My custom made wig will arrive in 2 weeks. 

So off we go to lunch, later we go pumpkin picking, and eat amazing doughnuts and drink cider.  It was a perfect fall day.  Family, pumpkins, doughnuts, cider, hay rides, mud, and laughter.  It was now time to say goodbye to Alethea and Isla before they catch their plane the next morning.   I say goodbye to Alethea with tears in my eyes and hold her tight.  I don’t know when I’ll see them again and I don’t want the comfort of them being here to end.

T-401 days–10/12/12–Wig Shopping & Surprises

Modern wigs on display.

Modern wigs on display. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hairbangers Ball 6

Hairbangers Ball 6 (Photo credit: alansheaven)

On this day I met with my surgeon to find out the facts and lay the groundwork before my surgery.  I love my surgeon.  She is pretty and petite and looks smart.  The looking smart being the most important.  I told her that I didn’t want to have to battle breast cancer every few years for the rest of my life and if to prevent that meant I should get a masectomy then that is what I would do.  She reassured me that with my stage 1 cancer that the survival rate for lumpectomy was just as good as the masectomy.

Now it was time to make a decision on how to proceed; at this meeting we were supposed to have the genetic results in hand but we didn’t.   So do we proceed on with the surgery or wait for the results?  I asked her what she thought; she said that she believed we needed to treat what we knew which was the cancer.  I was very frustrated that there might be a small possibility that I would potentially to have surgery twice; once is enough, but I knew she was right so that is what we did.  I felt very reassured after meeting with her and knew that she would use her skillful and pretty hands on me Wednesday.

Travis and I had some time before we were going to stop by and say hello to my Nurse Angel Karen.  So what does a cancer patient do when they have time to kill?  They go wig shopping of course.  There I sat in this nice room with mannequins all over the place with wigs on their head, as if they were all staring at me and saying “pick me! pick me!”  So there I was with every color and length imaginable to choose from; should I be a blonde, or a redhead now?  The first wig was placed on my head and I looked in the mirror and……… was terrible,  I looked like I had just stepped out of a hair band rocker video.  The next one I resembled a lion, the next a tranny on a bad hair day and then finally we came upon one that had hope.  I thought that I actually looked pretty and loved how long it was; perfect for the wedding.  I walked away with a cute hat instead of a wig, wasn’t ready to say “I do” to the wig quite yet.

Off we then went to see my Nurse Angel Karen; every time I see her I get excited and calm simultaneously.  As she opened the door another lady was standing next to her, Nurse Angel Sharon!  The very first person I spoke to after my diagnosis!  We hugged and hugged, I couldn’t believe I was meeting her, what an awesome surprise!  The geneticist Kristin decided she wanted to come and sit with us in a room as well.  Travis asked if we were having an intervention; funny.  So there we all were; my 2 nurse angels, my geneticist and Travis and I around this big table.  They were all looking at me with eager eyes and smiling faces so I began to tell them about the day with my surgeon and the wigs and they all said that I looked great.  Nurse Karen in particular noted how I looked so much more relaxed and at ease since the first time she met me….amazing what time can do.  After I was done catching everyone up on my cancer antics; the geneticist says she has the results…………….my heart dropped, I wasn’t expecting this, I thought they weren’t ready, then my heart dropped again when I thought “this is why they are doing an intervention, because they are going to tell me I’m positive!”.  My racing thoughts were broken when I heard in a calm voice “your negative”.  I’m not sure what I did next; yelled, jumped, hugged, definitely smiled.  I felt on top of the world.  It was the best I had felt since the day I received that call on September 18th.  Time to Celebrate!