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T-300 days December 5, 2012 My hair is falling out.


Even though I knew it was going to happen, I shaved my head in preparation for it…I was still an emotional ball when my hair started to fall out. There is something about losing a part of your body with no prediction of when it will happen that is very unnerving. I knew it when I woke up and I had hair on my pillow. Just sitting there in a pile like a birds nest. Then I took a shower and it started falling out even more. I cried and cried and again was angry at how terrible cancer is. With my hair already being so short it wasn’t dramatic clumps of hair falling out. Regardless, going from a little buzz cut to no hair at all is a psychological mind f$&! I quickly became tired of little hairs all over my clothes, my towels etc. so my husband Travis buzzed it down to my scalp. Bald beauty has arrived!